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Thur. Jun. 30th, 2022 : COVID Subsidy Fraud Case Commited by Lawyer et al.

給付金不正受給、初の弁護士逮捕…ウソの申請で600万円詐欺容疑 : 読売新聞オンライン




On April 23, Hiroshima Prefectural Police arrested two suspects for fraud: Kosuke Kashima, 47, a lawyer, and a 56-year-old man, a company president. According to the police, this is the first case of a lawyer's apprehension for fraudulent receipt of the sustainability payment concerning the COVID.

(My Take)
According to the news site, the government's damage inflicted by the lawyer who fraudulently applied for the subsidy for his client was approximately six million yen, which means that the lawyer's share might have been merely about 600,000 yen to three million yen. No one can understand why he discarded all his efforts for his career as an attorney for such a small amount of money.


Before this incident, he committed a fraudulent charge to Legal Aid for 11,000 JPY (90 USD). This case indicated that he was apparently in financial trouble.


If it is the case, he could have looked for another job before he decided to commit a crime. However, in reality, embezzlements and frauds by financially strapped attorneys have been rife in recent years. I imagine that the title of a lawyer is so enticing and addictive for some lawyers that they cannot resist the temptation of fast cash, even if it is illicit.