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Mon. Jul. 27th, 2022 : Patsy Mink, the first congfresswoman of color with Japanese blood


When she was a teenager, Patsy Mink wanted to make a doctor. However, the med schools kicked her out because of the gender discrimination against females and bias against Japanese-American. Then as an alternative, she decided to be an attorney, and to achieve that goal, she entered a law school and passed the bar examination. Despite her excellent academic background, any law firms did not hire her. These sequentially rigorous experiences made her decide to be a congressman, and she started a campaign drive. In the second challenge, she successfully got a seat in Parliament. Making many staunch allies in the Congress, she achieved many staggering accomplishments, such as enacting the Title IX elucidated in the video crip above.
Innumerable Japanese-Americans, such as Patsy Mink, Irene Hirano Inoue, Priscila Ouchida, and Hiro Nishimura, achieved profound maneuvers in the US. However, Komuro Mako and her consort have been macerating the zeal established by predecessors.